Denali April 2015



Desolation Canyon Utah May 2015                                     Grand Canyon AZ June 2015

                                     "Sun is shining, the weather is sweet”-Bob Marley                                                      The summer season is upon us. In Colorado, we had the wettest May on record; dropping plenty of needed water. After that, the temps have risen and the heat is on….we use these sun-filled months to re-charge our bodies like solar collectors. We soak up the vitamin D during these months, which we will store and use to power through the short winter days and heavy pow storms we are expecting this winter. Whether we attempt to get closer to the sun by climbing Denali or surfing near the equator, we soak up as much of the sun as we can during this precious charging time. The river is running, so we run with it. Mountains and boulders are calling, so we answer by climbing them. Trails are open, so we run and bike them. The asphalt is smooth and dry so we skate it. Summertime is our recharge time and we test our gear in our everyday mountain town life as well as where our travels take us. The breathability and natural SPF qualities of wool allow us to use our gear all summer long, as we power up for the winter months. Follow our solar chasing adventures on our Instagram and Facebook page…you’ll see us climbing, surfing, running, rafting, relaxin and enjoying Rocky Mountain High Country Merino Wool year round. Enjoy the sun; power up. This winter is gonna be a doozy!!

                                                      -Barbados June 2015

Spring Cleaning

March 23, 2015

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It's not always your house or car…sometimes spring cleaning can be most beneficial for your brain. In our small town, restaurants take turns shutting down to go play…free of worries or stress. Seasonal mountain employees find ways to escape from winter work to play before the summer jobs begin. One of our favorites aspects of living here in the mighty San Juans is that we can escape in an afternoon. We can take a day and clear the cobwebs at the top of Pagosa Peak or wandering in the Wemenuche Wilderness. Sometimes a cold one and smooth concrete is all it takes….this backyard playground is one of the many reasons why we live in Pagosa. So while we might be jetting off to far off places for some spring cleaning of our gray matter, we will also be sneaking out to our backyard at every chance we get. Spring is here, time to clean up the clutter and be free!!! Enjoy this time of year as it is as unique as you are! Have fun. 


SIA 2015

February 20, 2015

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Yup...we’ve reached the end of the Winter 2015 Trade Show Season. For us, SIA (The Snowsports Industries America show) is certainly our favorite. Walking into the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver is a bit like stepping back in time.  Surrounded by the companies you grew up with washed in bright lights with music blasting….it's kind of like being 14 again.  The booths are as creative as they are distinct; no two alike.  Some handmade in garages, others the size of small villages. As you walk down crowded aisles housing a PB&J sandwich you got from a glove company, you can’t help but take a second look at the best modeling talent Denver’s local agencies had to offer.  For us as a company, we felt honored to be considered peers to the aforementioned companies.

The trailer made it’s second annual pilgrimage.  This time however it was filled with a sneak peek in to next year’s goods....CORE CONSTRUCTION™ Technology; a completely new to the world fabric platform built from years of hard work and overcoming the tireless obstacles of running true R&D. 

Winning a number of awards including  “Gear of the Show Award” from Outside Magazine, “Show Stopper Award” from Ski Magazine and the Kokatat "American Made Outdoor Gear Award”, it was truly an amazing feeling to see such an effort come to life!

From start to finish the Voormi booth was a hotspot of activity. We talked, we laughed, we shared our story and we gave high fives…it was a solid show. We left excited... walking a little taller, smiling a little wider and holding our heads high. Until next year SIA! Stay classy Denver.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) is a resource we use regularly with appreciation. Utilizing your local Avalanche institute is a critical component to safe backcountry travel. Supporting this organization is a crucial part of their ability to provide knowledge and up to date snow information for all snow travelers. With that said and without hesitation we hopped in the bucket and happily took a road trip to Breckenridge Colorado to partake in the 2014 CAIC Annual Benefit Bash. Sharing our Voormi story with the local die-hard backcountry travelers was simply rad; supporting the CAIC was a pleasure. Solid people raised a grip of money for an excellent cause. We laughed, we danced, we got educated. Shoot, Kissle even took the opportunity to test out the Mammut Avalanche Bag...on stage...with the band performing. When in doubt, pull the cord and dance it out!

**Contribute to the CAIC and learn more about the organization here

Kissle Airbag from Kissle on Vimeo.


Just like that, it’s winter again. We could feel it coming here at Voormi, that feeling of excitement met with a rush of finishing up the summertime/fall duties. We’ve been all over the Rocky Mountain Region meeting new friends that feel like family. As a certain firecracker shop owner stated….we found our “kindred spirits”. We dropped off our custom, racks made from beetle kill wood into shops of all shapes and sizes. We shared our Voormi story with different folks in different towns. We delivered beautiful garments while educating on what is sure to become household terms like Precision Blending and Surface Hardened Wool.  We saw sunsets and sunrises on fresh landscapes and naturally we stopped to snap photos. The road was good to us and we look forward to visiting our new friends soon. Enjoy a road trip with friends this winter.


Chili Chase 2014

October 10, 2014

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I would like nothing more than to start with the words “Voormi wins! Chili Untethered was the undisputed winner of the 2014 Durango Backcountry Experience Chili Cook-off!!” Instead, we tip our wool hats to Ben, the true champion of the event and proud owner of Backcountry Experience. Well done sir, well done indeed. The day got started with a brisk 5k run followed by some insanely delicious chili tasting. Of course a few games of bags were played as well as some full on fencing, yea fencing…with swords and stuff...only in Colorado. Big thanks to all that came out as it was a beautiful blue bird day full of sweet vibes and awesome grub. At Voormi we enjoy tradition, and we thoroughly enjoyed the traditional fall chili cook off. We look forward to tweaking our recipe for a complete and dominate victory next year. Enjoy the top spot now Ben, cause we’re coming for ya in 2016. 

"History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” -Mark Twain

As the sheep were herded down from the heights of the epic San Juan mountains, the people cheered. The dogs kept check on the hundreds of sheep in their herd, and the people cheered. When the doors dropped on the VOORMI trailer, so too did the people cheer.  Bayfield Heritage Days is an annual ritual that takes place in this sleepy southern Colorado town. It is inspiring to look back into the rich history of the fiber from which our entire collection is built upon. Against this backdrop stood our 2014 collection, consisting of ground-breaking base layers and tech thermals. Voormi gear is built upon the virtues of this historical process and thrust in to the 21st century via our own proprietary fabric construction techniques such as Precision Blending, DWR treatments, and technical knitting/weaving. Our message was received loud and clear by all those in attendance; wool is inherently awesome, but has always needed something more. We have provided that something and the people cheered. Farmers, ranchers and herdsman alike tried on and purchased our gear. They recognized the potential for garments like our award winning High E and the all-new Drift Jacket to thrive in their daily work life within the rugged, southern San Juans. Sharing our story with the good people of Bayfield was refreshing. The entire day was a glimpse into the past, with a touch of what’s to come in the future. Thank you Bayfield for the history lesson; we’re looking forward to rhyming in the future. 

Stay wooly Bayfield.

"What a long, strange trip it’s been."-J. Garcia

Remaining loyal to our core values: domestic sourcing of Rocky Mountain Highcountry Merino Wool, innovative fabric construction, and superior craftsmanship has been a daunting task to say the least. Despite the challenges, here we stand; heading in to the coming fall with our first full collection of tech-tees, base-layers, and high performance Mid-Layers.  Like Al Pacino said, “it’s a game of inches,” and the inches are adding up.  While the reward may be sweet, it is the patience and understanding of our supporters that we are most grateful for. It’s been a long time coming, but rest assured, the time is now. VOORMI Base-layers, Tech Tee’s, and the first of our Fall 2014 Mid-layer styles are available now at The next wave of product is on its way, and will include our award winning High E Hoodie as well as the new Drift jacket. It feels good to be here…but like all adventurers, the next ridge is beckoning!  Thank you. Enjoy the day, get some.  


Pagosa Peak, elevation  12,646

Summer is still in full effect for the Voormi crew. We've been enjoying the long, warm days with grueling gear tests running up Pagosa Peak, mellow longboard cruiser runs, and various forms of wandering/exploring throughout nature. Camping has been epic, the rivers have been raging and with sunlight til 9 pm we can get a full day of work and some great hours of play in each day. These warm months provide quality work days and excellent apres work playtime. Travel is another essential aspect of the non snowy time for our crew. Alaska, Baja, Mogollon Rim, California as well as the Big Apple, have all been targets for surfing, hiking and exploring thus far. For each adventure we pack our Voormi gear; mid layers and base layers all get tested in uniquely new environments during these warmer months. While we love traveling, we also enjoy exploring our own backyard. Laying in the bed of a pickup truck with the stars dancing and the moon shining, we are grateful for this wonderful San Juan Mountain backyard we call home. Enjoy the long days, relish the cool nights and give high fives often as the summer season continues. Have fun!

Alberta Peak at sunrise, elevation  11,907


"Two hundred years of American Technology has unwittingly created a massive cement playground of unlimited potential. But it was the minds of 11 year olds that could see that potential." - Craig Stecyk 1975

    Summer time. It means so many things to so many people. As Alice Cooper taught us there are no more teachers and no more books. Sublime told us that living is easy in the summertime. Even Fresh Prince reminds us of the aphrodisiac effects of summer. For those living in the mountains it can become a time to partake in the activities that simply can't happen in the winter. Hiking, biking, long boarding, all have a different feel in the summer; less clothes and more sun. The amount of time the sun is in the air is only matched by the amount of fun you can cram into these long days. Barbecues sizzle and cold refreshments pop. The energy of the season is palatable. The feel of grass between your toes reminds you of your connection to the earth. The asphalt blurs underneath your board. The alpine lakes sparkle. Summer is a magical time. As the traditions of summer unfold; we are excited to bring you along on our adventures as we frolic and play in the sun. The massive cement playground is open for the season….it's time to tap that potential. 


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