Yup...we've reached the end of the Winter 2015 Trade Show Season. For us, SIA (The Snowsports Industries America show) is certainly our favorite. Walking into the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver is a bit like stepping back in time. Surrounded by the companies you grew up with washed in bright lights with music blasting….it's kind of like being 14 again. The booths are as creative as they are distinct; no two alike. Some handmade in garages, others the size of small villages. As you walk down crowded aisles housing a PB&J sandwich you got from a glove company, you can't help but take a second look at the best modeling talent Denver's local agencies had to offer. For us as a company, we felt honored to be considered peers to the aforementioned companies.

The trailer made it's second annual pilgrimage. This time however it was filled with a sneak peek in to next year's goods....CORE CONSTRUCTION™ Technology; a completely new to the world fabric platform built from years of hard work and overcoming the tireless obstacles of running true R&D. http://voormi.com/pages/core-construction-technology

Winning a number of awards including "Gear of the Show Award" from Outside Magazine, "Show Stopper Award" from Ski Magazine and the Kokatat "American Made Outdoor Gear Award", it was truly an amazing feeling to see such an effort come to life!

From start to finish the Voormi booth was a hotspot of activity. We talked, we laughed, we shared our story and we gave high fives…it was a solid show. We left excited... walking a little taller, smiling a little wider and holding our heads high. Until next year SIA! Stay classy Denver.

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