GOODBYE LAYERS.... Hello future...

Merging the soft comfortable performance of activewear with the weather shedding performance of outerwear, we’re on a mission to redefine the concept of clothing. Rather than relying on closets full of bulky layers,  we've re-invented the way fabric is made altogether - delivering the world’s first comfortable, stretchy, weather protective single layer solution for outdoor activewear.

GOODBYE LAYERS....  Hello future...


“The most profound technologies are those that disappear.  They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.”

‘Mark Weiser – The Computer for the 21st
Century (1991)

The Power of air

Air controls both comfort and discomfort. Traditional outerwear is designed to shut off air from the outside world, while traditional activewear is designed to let air flow free. Depending on the conditions, it's a constant game of changing layers in a futile attempt to manage comfort. Our fabric constructions feature imbedded air-regulating properties to extend the comfort of activewear outside.

AIR - 3:

Highest Air Flow.

Featuring air-regulating ultrafine spun merino wool in combination with high-performance moisture wicking yarns. Ideal for warm weather and/or highly aerobic conditions.

AIR - 2

Medium Air Flow.

Featuring a more durable 21.5 micron spun merino wool co-knitted with two high-performance yarns for additional abrasion resistance, air-regulating performance, and warmth. Ideal for moderate to cool conditions.

AIR - 1

Lowest Air Flow.

The ultimate in air-control. Beyond our signature spun merino and performance yarn combinations, this construction features a first-of-its kind co-knitted membrane CORE designed to even more precisely control the flow of air between you and the outside world. This perfectly dialed air exchange, in combination with critical protection from the elements, makes CORE CONSTRUCTION® technology your ultimate personal thermostat to the outside world.