Purpose Built.

Responsibly Engineered.

Each year, the world produces over 150 billion garments

30% of those are never sold

It’s time for a different approach.

Purpose Built.


What if fast fashion was about making less instead of more? What if innovation in production allowed us to deliver ONLY what we need, exactly when we need it? Here at VOORMI, you won’t see the typical ‘seasonal collections’ – produced en-masse and then discounted 6-months later. We make season-spanning products, 12-months out of the year, on state-of-the-art production lines dedicated to us. Not only does that mean a tighter control of quality, it means that we can keep a real-time pulse on what, and how much to make. No overproduction. No unnecessary waste.


It’s estimated the apparel industry creates over 92 million tons of textile waste and 1.2 billion tons of green house gas emissions every year. That’s more than all the international flights and maritime shipping combined. Without doubt, the largest net environmental impact in the clothing we wear is the production of that clothing itself. Building long lasting gear is absolutely the best thing you can do, and that’s why it’s at the center of every impact conversation we have. Validated by true mountain professionals, we think in years – not seasons.


90 days vs. 90 years. That’s the difference in how long it takes for wool to break down in a landfill vs. polyester. Stack on the micro-plastic impact of a typical polyester fleece garment (yes, even the recycled ones), and there’s a lot of good reasons to think about natural fibers as the future sustainable of apparel.


A good friend of ours once said that how we use the 24 hours we’re given each day is ultimately what defines us. As a team headquartered in a rural mountain town, there’s no greater joy than seeing the impact of our work in the local communities that support both us, and our domestic manufacturing partners. From Mill town to Mountain town, making it matter is what drives our team every day.