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The Future of Clothing

Welcome to VOORMI, where we’re building the next generation of outdoor clothing.
Clothing for a world where textiles and technology converge in the ultimate expression of simplicity and sophistication.

Unmatched Versatility

We don’t believe in so-called single purpose clothing. From long days in the backcountry to multi-week expeditions around the world, we know you need die-hard pieces that do it all. Starting from a foundation of the world’s most time-tested natural fibers, our signature fabric technologies deliver the absolute widest range of comfort and performance across the gamut of conditions. 

Connected Experience

From the hand-crafted care put into each-and-every stitch to our community-based retail locations, we believe it’s the deeper connections to people, places, and things that truly matter. At VOORMI, we don’t subscribe to mass produced experiences. We believe in building personal and connected experiences that stand the test of time. And as textiles and technology evolve to connect us in ways we never imagined, we’ll be there with the same level of trust, integrity, and authenticity along the way.

Built to Last

As merely passing caretakers of this dirt, we believe the most responsible thing we can do is make products that last with an absolute minimum footprint throughout their life. And when those products reach the end of a life-well-lived, they shouldn’t sit in a landfill for 80 years. With ongoing research in natural fibers, garment design, manufacturing, closed-loop recyclability, and biodegradability, we’re committed to ensuring that the future we’re building is as pristine as the one we leave behind.

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