‘New fabric tech could be outerwear’s biggest advance in 40 years’


One of the most powerful things about Technology is its capability to change how we experience the world. From seeing the faces of loved ones thousands of miles away to navigating brand new places with the swipe of a finger, never before has our world changed so much in so little time.

And yet, in the world of textiles, not much has REALLY changed in thousands of years since humans first put two animal hides together to make a piece of clothing. While the industrial revolution of the late 18th century brought us incredible ways to make fabrics faster and cheaper, and the next hundred years brought innovations in man-made chemistry like polyester, nylon, and waterproof coatings, we’ve come to accept incrementalism in place of invention when it comes to textiles and clothing.

In contrast, consider the evolution of one of the furthest-reaching technologies in the world today... The modern mobile device. From the bag-based Motorola phone of the mid-80’s, to the immensely powerful pocket-size computer it is today, none of us could have imagined what 30 years of dedication to real innovation could bring.
Those tech innovators didn’t focus on the color of the phone’s bag like the fashion industry would have done. Nor did they focus on incremental gains in call clarity like fabric brands fight over millimeters of waterproofness. If they had, they’d be obsolete today. Instead, they focused on the kind of innovation that has changed the way people communicate altogether.

That very same spirit – of changing the way in which we experience the world - is what drives us every day at VOORMI. You won’t find us launching retro-fleece and calling it innovation, nor will you find us wasting time on the ‘next color of blue’. We’re different. We believe in fundamental shifts. That’s what led us to create what we see as the most powerful and meaningful innovation in textiles in the last 100 years – CORE CONSTRUCTION® Technology:

The world’s first single-layer fabric to contain truly integrated substrate-driven functionality.



CO-KNITTED Protective Barrier


Surgically placed yarns like wool, cotton nylon, carbon fiber, or polyester to create a soft & stretchy single layer knit

What if textiles could withhold dynamic and adaptable layers completely inside of them that could change our expectations of fabric forever?

CORE CONSTRUCTION® Technology, the ability to insert advanced functional materials into the center of knitted fabric allows just that. From integrated weather protection to printed electronic circuitry, this brand-new patented process changes the game when it comes to breakthrough performance in the textiles that surround us every day.

Redefining Comfort

Through Uncompromised Weather Protection

In 1824, Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh created the first modern waterproof raincoat by sandwiching a softened rubber layer between two pieces of fabric.  This basic concept of ‘sandwiching layers’ stands (until) today as the only way to build functional weatherproof performance in to the center of a fabric-like material.  As a production technique, it is used across a wide range of industries, from industrial filtration to weather protective clothing.  And although the layering process delivers some ‘functional core’ performance, it comes with a host of downsides, the most important of which, is that it the stiff and non-breathable glue used to create the sandwich destroy the fundamental properties of the textiles themselves.  In short, they are no longer the soft, breathable, durable textiles that they started as.       

CORE CONSTRUCTION® Technology decimates this performance/comfort paradox. Because there’s no sandwich, and thus no glue, we achieve true textile comfort with completely new possibilities in invisibly integrated performance.  

  • • Featuring a directly-integrated waterproof/windproof layer inside of a soft & quiet fleece-like fabric for unsurpassed comfort and protection

    • Unrestricted breathability due to the lack of non-breathable glue layers found in other weatherproof constructions

 ‘Full-on wind and weather protection in a piece as comfortable as a well worn hoodie.  What more could you ask for?’


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