As the sheep were herded down from the heights of the epic San Juan mountains, the people cheered. The dogs kept check on the hundreds of sheep in their herd, and the people cheered. When the doors dropped on the VOORMI trailer, so too did the people cheer. Bayfield Heritage Days is an annual ritual that takes place in this sleepy southern Colorado town. It is inspiring to look back into the rich history of the fiber from which our entire collection is built upon. Against this backdrop stood our 2014 collection, consisting of ground-breaking base layers and tech thermals. Voormi gear is built upon the virtues of this historical process and thrust in to the 21st century via our own proprietary fabric construction techniques such as Precision Blending, DWR treatments, and technical knitting/weaving.

Our message was received loud and clear by all those in attendance; wool is inherently awesome, but has always needed something more. We have provided that something and the people cheered. Farmers, ranchers and herdsman alike tried on and purchased our gear. They recognized the potential for garments like our award winning High E and the all-new Drift Jacket to thrive in their daily work life within the rugged, southern San Juans. Sharing our story with the good people of Bayfield was refreshing. The entire day was a glimpse into the past, with a touch of what's to come in the future. Thank you Bayfield for the history lesson; we're looking forward to rhyming in the future. Stay wooly Bayfield.

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