The summer season is upon us. In Colorado, we had the wettest May on record; dropping plenty of needed water. After that, the temps have risen and the heat is on….we use these sun-filled months to re-charge our bodies like solar collectors. We soak up the vitamin D during these months, which we will store and use to power through the short winter days and heavy pow storms we are expecting this winter. Whether we attempt to get closer to the sun by climbing Denali or surfing near the equator, we soak up as much of the sun as we can during this precious charging time.

The river is running, so we run with it. Mountains and boulders are calling, so we answer by climbing them. Trails are open, so we run and bike them. The asphalt is smooth and dry so we skate it. Summertime is our recharge time and we test our gear in our everyday mountain town life as well as where our travels take us. The breathability and natural SPF qualities of wool allow us to use our gear all summer long, as we power up for the winter months. Follow our solar chasing adventures on our Instagram and Facebook page…you'll see us climbing, surfing, running, rafting, relaxin and enjoying Rocky Mountain High Country Merino Wool year round. Enjoy the sun; power up. This winter is gonna be a doozy!!

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