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The Swift Water Skirt is designed to carry you to the far reaches of the globe where “laundry” is a laughable idea. Be it a road trip into the mountains in search of new climbing pitches or a plane ride to the Southern Hemisphere to meet back up with winter, this super versatile skirt is with you for the long haul. Besides unparalleled comfort, the need to wash and iron it is non-existent – due to wool’s incredible ability to manage moisture, odor-causing bacteria doesn’t have the environment it needs to thrive. Featuring DUAL SURFACE™ Precision Blended Wool Technology, the Swift Water Skirt is one of the lightest garments in the VOORMI line, making it extremely packable when it’s time to put on your gear and go. As the heat of summer approaches, look good, stay cool, and travel lightly.

Made in the USA. 

If what you're looking for is out of stock, it'll be back soon. In the meantime, grab a GIFT CARD. You might even know someone who needs wool in their life. 



Ideal for next to skin applications, this fine micron wool construction features a thin inner layer of high performance wicking yarns designed to pull moisture off the body and disperse it on to the outer facing surface of the fabric. Once there, the natural temperature and moisture regulating properties of wool are free to take over, keeping you dry and comfortable long after the furnace stops burning.

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Product Care Instructions

While all of our fabrics are specifically designed for machine care, we recommend protecting your investment through minimally damaging processes. For us, this usually means a cold wash cycle followed by a hang-dry. If you do find yourself in a pinch then it’s perfectly ok to throw it in the dryer. In either case, we recommend staying away from those pesky fabric softeners.