Denali - Muldrow Route

Dustin English - Managing Director and Alaska Mountaineering School (AMS) guide, checks in from the 100 year anniversary of Denali's first ascent. Here is what he had to say about the trip:

"This year on Denali was the 100 year anniversary for the first ascent of the mountain. I was fortunate enough to be one of the guides to go with a team of 6 climbers who were direct decedents of the original team. We retraced the original route starting at Wonder Lake hiking across the tundra to McGonagall Pass, then up the Muldrow Glacier to Karsten's Ridge. We then climbed Karsten's Ridge to gain the Harper Glacier. From the Harper we went up to Denali Pass and joined the 'normal' (West Buttress route) to the summit. Once summiting we retraced our route back down all the way to Wonder Lake. The trip took a total of 27 days."   

This photo was taken at Eielson Visitor Center - the lighted path represents the route we took.
Crossing the Mckinley River on the way in. Pretty cruiser walking in - not so cruiser on the way out.
Double rainbow on the McKinley River bar during our first night.
Paige with a hoard of mosquitos behind her.
Heading up Cache Creek up to McGonagall Pass.
McGonagall Pass with the Muldrow Glacier and Mount Tatum in the background.
We were lucky and had a dogsled team bring most of our food in March. We still had to lay it all out and figure out what we wanted to eat for the next month.
First few days on the Muldrow Glacier - moving camp to our second camp right below the Great Ice Fall. The Hill of Cracks is the first hill right in front of us.
Heading up the Great Ice Fall - you can see the Hill of Cracks down below in the distance. 
Snaking our way up the Great Ice Fall.
Our ~11k camp - a few miles above the Great Ice Fall. Karsten's Ridge is the skyline on the left.
We fried some awesome bacon wrapped cheese while enjoying our Gowler Mid at 11 camp.
On Karsten's Ridge heading to our 12,100ft camp.
Putting in our 12,100ft camp on Karsten's Ridge.
Descending Karsten's Ridge after carrying a load of supplies to our soon to be Brown's Tower camp ~14,300ft. You can see our 12,100ft camp perched on the ridge directly below us.
Hunter looking out onto the Harper Ice Fall from our camp below Brown's Tower ~14,300.
On the lower Harper Glacier heading up to our high camp ~ 17,300.
Summit day! Heading up passed Zebra Rocks.
Getting closer... crossing the Football Field, the Summit Ridge is directly above.
Heading up the Summit Ridge.
Guides (minus Paige) on the summit!
Looking down the Harper Glacier while descending from the Summit.
Unreal sunrise while navigating down through the Hill of Cracks.
Finally made it to Turtle Hill - the McKinley River and Wonder Lake are in the distance.  

Dustin English
Dustin English