Spring is here in Colorado. With the snowpack stabilizing and daytime temperatures whittling away at the base, it's the perfect time for getting in some end of season snow.

The dedicated team we are, and needing to squeeze a few more hours on our F13 protos, we decided to gather up some willing participants, loosen them up with a few brews from our friends at Ska, and go get some "serious work" done up on Molas.

Springtime in the Northern San Juan Range is the perfect testing ground. With a 40-degree daily temperature swing and plenty of gusty wind, our crew got a first-hand experience of the product as our friends at Silverton Powdercats provided some much appreciated transportation.

The morning was blustery and cold, but the sun managed to reach full force by noon, softening the snow and heating just about everything up. No problem for us, as the High-E Hoodie was born for these conditions. The Surface Hardened Rocky Mountain raised wool managed to take these extremes head on, making it the perfect action suit for this time of year.

As most good days end, ours finished off by digging out our hidden stash, kept perfectly cold all day buried in the snow under the shade of a tree by the parking lot. Good thing we brought those shovels….

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