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The road to retail

As winter 2013 slowly winds down, it feels like things are just getting warmed up here at VOORMI. 

Following on the heels of a successful trade show tour last month, we’re hitting the road again.


This time we’ll be meeting with specialty retailers across the region to finalize plans for the Fall 2013 retail season, as well as continue to spread the good word. For all of you out there wondering what this means in terms of you being able to find VOORMI gear at your local retail store, here’s a little update.

At the moment, retailers are finalizing their buying plans for the upcoming fall season (Fall 2013). While these decisions are based primarily on what they’ve seen at the trade shows, there ARE some last minute decisions to be made in the next few weeks.

This is where we come in, and more importantly this is where you come in!

As we hit the road, we’re interested in knowing where YOU like to shop. That is, what retailers in your area do you feel do an amazing job, and where would you like to see VOORMI next fall? While we’re out, we’ll try and do our best to drop in on those places!


To help us, please visit our Facebook page and give a shout out to your favorite specialty retailer, and be sure share some beta with them about VOORMI if you happen to know anybody in the shop!