Allow me to explain. The word Voormi actually comes from an obscure corner of mythology based on prehistoric times of endless ice and winter. The Voormi were a legendary race of yeti-like beings from somewhere in or around what we now know as the Arctic Circle. These creatures survived comfortably in harsh, cold climates by adapting local resources and exploring the planet’s frozen places.

VOORMI® is based on a similar philosophy - to create a new breed of technical clothing that harnesses the amazing properties of natural wool for backcountry travelers.

We started with our own fabrics, precision blending fine-micron wool and synthetic fibers to enhance the thermal, wicking and durability properties of nature's miracle fiber. So wool, only better at wicking sweat on the uphill skin, retaining heat for the downhill ski, and tough enough to climb Denali.

Our team is also made up of yeti-like beings who thrive in harsh, cold climates and enjoy snow, ice and climbing sports.

We are a homegrown, outdoor brand from Southwest Colorado whose adventures have taken us to each Pole and back. We understand harsh and frozen climates, and the gear you need to survive comfortably in these situations. So with that, we salute the Voormi, Ullr and all those creatures that prefer to dwell in frozen regions of ice and snow. We think you'll find our Fall 2013 product collection lets you thrive in your own environment too. Stay tuned!

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