"Whoa…It's like the burning man of winter sports companies in here…" "Yup" I agreed as we walked onto the floor of the Colorado Convention Center several days prior to the start date of the 2014 SIA show. People wandered around, the carpet layouts of the booths were scattered everywhere. There was a futuristic feeling as people zoomed by in humming electric carts happily eating the waffles on a stick from their new found waffle friend. After scoping the area we returned to our large diesel truck pulling our even larger Voormi Trailer; our next mission involved driving this rig up a spiral drive way and through the large bay doors, followed by a wickedly tight u-turn. A couple quick and impressive moves of the wheel and our guy had placed the trailer exactly where it would remain for the next week. Nice skills driver.

We left the center for the day with not more than a handful of booths showing life. The next day the transformation had clearly begun. Booths began to rise all around our beautiful trailer. Within 2 days the entire convention center transformed into a little city of companies showing their latest gear. The next 4 days our crew took pleasure introducing our gear to people from all over the globe. With the help from some of our friends in Pagosa, we created a booth that received countless complimentary comments

The gear spoke for itself as we dragged our High E Hoodie sleeves across the rough stumps that surrounded our classic cauldron to the amazement of spectators. Despite our tight knit crew being outnumbered by the mannequins we had displaying our gear, we handled the masses quite gracefully. We look forward to next year's event as well as the inaugural Wool Company Cornhole Tournament that will certainly take place in 2015. Compliments to the cats over at Smart Wool for a well played game; we look forward to seeing you in the brackets next year. The Voormi crew enjoyed our first official visit to the SIA. Thank you to all of the staff and union workers who did what they do best. Tip of the hat to all our neighboring booths…it was swell. Most importantly, Thank you to those who enjoyed our show and tell. Stay classy Denver..

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