A new year is upon us. Maybe there is new snow on your local hill. Perhaps you have started a new venture in life. It's also possible that you have things lined up just the way you like 'em and you're slipping into the new year as if it was just another blissful day. However you choose to start the new year, we look forward to being there with you. The small batch mentality we take with our garments has allowed us to hear stories directly from the people wearing our wool. We are fascinated with the stories of travel and adventure that our signature High E hoodies have taken throughout the world.

2013 was our freshman year of retail, the tales of our extended Voormi family have amazed us. Our wool has traveled throughout the United States, north to Canada, south to Costa Rica and all over the European continent. People have discovered the value of wool and the phenomenon that is Voormi Precision Blending. Our product is providing comfort to those living and thriving in the elements. We are thankful for this response and we value the responsibility with a more comprehensive understanding of who wears our gear. As the calendar turns and we celebrate the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 we would like to toast all of our extended Voormi Family as well as all the future family we will meet. Tell us where you take your Voormi. Live your life, Love your world and enjoy 2014….Year of the Wool.


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