Great location + fun times + awesome people = rad day. Whether it's work or play, this is a formula we use quite often here at Voormi. Last weekend we had all these elements working in full force. Meeting up in the Voormi parking lot high fives and smiles were shared by all despite the sub zero temperatures. After staring up at the morning sky enjoying the meteor shower, we loaded up the Voormi Trailer and headed off to Durango Mountain Resort Demo Day. Arriving early, we parked the beast and proceeded to stop, drop and open up shop right at the entrance to beautiful DMR. Amid a myriad of solid companies the Voormi Trailer looked right at home amongst the various tent set ups. Riders and skiers were privy to experiencing the latest gear from their favorite companies. We took turns making laps on the hill and thanks to a couple local shred heads named Sammy and Jackson we had a VIP tour. After a precarious day of showing off the latest in the Voormi line, we packed up the gear and made the trek home to Pagosa. Part of our belief system here at Voormi is to play at least as hard as you work.

The following day was a play day indeed. Drinking our coffee in the same parking lot as the day before, we plotted our tour. A line we hadn't ridden before was beckoning us to shred her first and that is exactly what we did. When your first turns are a little firm it's extremely relieving to sink your edge in and rip the soft stuff, spraying up white gold while dodging trees! Working our way to the next point we found a great little chute with super tight turns. Each turn had a surfy feel as we cruised along. Originally we had a few more lines planned but getting out proved more time consuming than predicted. We finished with a sweet little ride down a familiar bowl which leads into a crazy fast race course, chalked full of whoops, bumps, walls, and banked turns which dumps you out into the parking lot with a massive smile stretched across your face. Finishing the day with laughs recanting the top moments of the day over local brewed beer is the icing on the cake. Work hard, play hard and enjoy life with awesome people. Simple.

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