The company that plays together stays together. On Sunday, Nov 24th 2013 Voormi played from first chair to last call. Along with almost 3000 other anxious snow sliders the Voormi crew took a play day to enjoy the first official in-bounds pow session of the season at Wolf Creek. With storm totals approaching the four foot mark we had our Voormi base layers on and our expectations high as we arrived early to wait in line for our passes. When a place like Wolf is your home mountain; your backyard, you don't stress the crowds because you know all the spots. You know when to hit em throughout the day. You have a system...a plan to slash as much of the white fluff as possible. You know which lifts to start with and what lines to hike first. You know where to park and how early to get there so you're not waiting in the line that stretched down highway 160. You know which $4 homemade burrito to buy to start your day off. This is our home mountain and we love riding here. Getting some resort accessed powder instantly brings me back to some of my most early runs growing up. The energy is electric and you can't stop moving or smiling; this energy then converts to spontaneous dancing and an exorbitant amount of high fives as well as massive white wall sprays of snow. You charge lines and pop of pillows, smiling the whole time, completely engulfed in the moment; Zen and the art of powder if you will. However, with great powder comes great responsibility. Avalanches are serious. Our crew was rolling deep with transceivers and avy gear knowing full well the potential power this mountain has stored up. As always we are thankful to the efficient work of ski patrol before and during this storm to keep everyone safe. Next time you see a ski patroller, smile and thank them...they are the ones throwing bombs and making the area safe for you to get those bottomless turns. The snow is here, help yourself to a big 'ol bowl of clam powder! Have fun and be safe.

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