September 28, 2015

Consumed /kənˈso͞om’ed/

: a state in which someone thinks about something constantly or frequently especially in a way that is not normal

4am… Probably could have set an alarm, but what’s the point? Truth is, sleep was the last thing happening last night. Just outside the tent, false daylight casts a faint glow across the horizon. It’s cold, but it will warm… It’s dark, but the light will come... It’s quiet, but soon things will begin to stir. This is the moment that 99% of the world will never experience. Some might say - This is definitely NOT Normal….

It is these moments… moments that the so-called normal world lacks, that compel us. These moments that drive outdoor professionals to give up everything worldly for life in the mountains. And it is these moments that inspire us..

Today we’re launching our latest project. One that’s consumed us from the beginning and one we believe will set the stage for more to come. What began as a simple request from local outfitters to build a rugged & effective line of performance wool clothing for the fall and winter, has since evolved in to a completely new fabric technology platform. The challenge: To leverage the unique anti-odor, moisture wicking, and water shedding properties of our award winning wool based tech thermal fabrics, but do it in such a way that blends seamlessly with the unique ambient environments of the backcountry.


The Result: Our brand new Phase-Dyed Spatial Pattern Technology. Engineered through a multi-phase dye process to embed color directly in to the natural wool fiber (vs. printing images of sticks and leaves on a shiny synthetic fabric surface), these proprietary new fabrics have quickly become a staple within the local guiding community.

Available in both PRECISION BLENDED™ Baselyer (The Alpine Terra) and SURFACE HARDENED™ Midlayer (The Blowdown Midlayer) constructions:



September 14, 2015

FOR THE AVERAGE ADULT Standing at 5’7”, the horizon is exactly 2.9 miles away.   

What a concept….That despite the vast expanse beyond (24,898.1 miles to be exact), we can only see but a tiny glimpse of what truly lies in front of us.  Maybe it’s no surprise then that this is how we’ve come to live our lives: as a series of progressive horizons giving us the line of sight we so desperately need to decide where we’re going next.  

In 2010, we set out to see how far we could push natural fibers, and we did it in a way that just about everybody said couldn’t be done… right here in the United States.  It’s been a labor of love, and admittedly for the last few years we’ve been so ‘heads down’ that we totally missed the bigger picture: That what we were building, and the way in which we were doing it was connecting with people in a completely unexpected way.  That foregoing shipping containers full of product, and making long lasting things from hand was really all about bringing back the concept of ‘real’… a concept completely lost in the new era of fast fashion and mega-retailing.

So here we stand.  On a new horizon for our team, and a new horizon for VOORMI itself. As we gear up for the next chapter, we’ve got our eyes on a concept we call ‘growing up, growing in’. Whereas convention would push us overseas for the next phase of growth, we’re taking a different approach. Not only is it our plan to double down on domestic manufacturing, but also to re-invest more locally at each progressive horizon of the business.

Moving in to this Fall, we’ve set the stage with two new manufacturing sites right here in Colorado, and an investment in the expansion of our Pagosa Springs design/development/manufacturing center.  For a company of our size, this is a big deal, but one we think is absolutely in line with our vision to build long lasting products born from real places, made for real conditions, and making a real impact in our local mountain communities.  Stay tuned to over the next few months as we continue to expand our footprint, break ground on new technologies, and launch exciting new products.

Thanks for joining us on the journey

The VOORMI team

Pagosa Springs, Colorado