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    What is Precision Blending?

    Whether it’s moisture wicking fibers next-to-skin or abrasion resistant fibers on the outer surface, Precision Blending brings never-before seen performance to our favorite natural fiber.

    Bringing together the best of both worlds, Precision Blending is a proprietary textile construction technology that allows for the strategic introduction of high performance synthetic fibers exactly where we want them (and not where we don’t). Compared to decades-old ‘dumb’ blending techniques where simple filler is added to wool at the yarn level, this intelligent way of introducing performance enhancing fibers during the knitting/weaving process itself allows us to three-dimensionally control where each yarn ends up in the finished construction.


    Dual Surface

    Ideal for next to skin applications, this fine micron wool construction features a thin inner layer of high performance wicking yarns designed to pull moisture off the body and disperse it on to the outer facing surface of the fabric. Once there, the natural temperature and moisture regulating properties of wool are free to take over, keeping you dry and comfortable long after the furnace stops burning.

    Dual Surface UL

    Weighing in at just under 100g per square meter (30 to 50 grams lighter than the leading ultra light merino fabrics currently on the market), Dual Surface UL Precision Blended Wool delivers an unprecedented level of warm-weather comfort and all-season performance in a sun-shielding, lightweight construction.


    Surface Hardened - Thermal Wool

    Our answer to the demand for a tougher breed of mid-layer wool. Soft, comfortable, and warm enough to live in, this unique construction features a durable 21.5-micron wool re-enforced by an array of outer facing nylon fibers. Finished off with a durable water repellent coating, this backcountry fabric is built to work equally well under a shell or alone.

    Surface Hardened - Technical Woven Wool

    Constructed from our most burly 21.5 micron ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGHCOUNTRY MERINO™ Wool, re-inforced with high performance Nylon and finished with a durable water repellent (DWR) treatment, this new-to-the-world 4-way stretch fabric construction is the perfect building block for true mountain work-wear.


    Core Construction

    Compared to the last 30 years of multi-layer ‘glue based’ weatherproofing technology, this patented construction relies on the direct integration of a weatherproofing membrane into the core of the fabric itself during the knitting process. The result: A soft, supple, single layer ‘sweater-like’ fabric with previously unattainable breathability and weather resistance.


    Phase.Sc - Spatially Constructed Wool

    Compared to a traditional ‘surface printed’ camo on shiny synthetic fabric, our wool based solution is uniquely colored down to the yarn level, and constructed to change the game in low-light concealment.

    Enhanced Low Light performance

    Compared to traditional surface printed camo on flat/shiny synthetic fabrics, our wool-based solution is colored down to the yarn level to maximize the unique non-fluorescing performance of our favorite natural fiber. This eliminates the ‘synthetic glow’ common to hunting in sunrise/sunset conditions with traditional synthetic camo

    Low odor retention

    Wool’s natural ability to resist the growth of bacteria along with it’s unmatched moisture managing properties means less accumulation of odor over time

    Soft & Quiet

    Due to the unique springy nature of the fiber itself, wool excels in reducing both the ‘swish’ and ‘crumple’ noises common to fibers built from a plastic foundation

    Better Thermal Regulation

    Wool has been the sportsman's ‘go-to’ fabric for centuries due to its natural thermal and moisture regulating performance. The 'centuries-evolved' combination of a sweat absorbing core and water managing sheath is unmatched in the world of synthetic fibers


    High Visibility Wool

    Featuring an outer matrix of high-visibility performance fibers interlaced with fine micron merino wool, PHASE.HVis™ Technology brings a completely new dimension of performance to the world of of traditionally light absorbing natural fibers. Finally, all of the anti-microbial and thermal regulating benefits of wool in a true high-vis package.