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How is your clothing different? Where is the company based? And what is a Voormi?

For starters, VOORMI® builds premium outdoor apparel from natural fibers, mainly wool, which has been the outdoorsman’s fabric of choice for centuries. You see, the superior performance aspects of wool have yet to be replicated by man. That’s because wool fibers have been shaped from thousands of years of outdoor living in widely varying climates, evolving the highly complex biological structure to the point where they have no equal in thermoregulation, moisture management, strength and resilience, and odor resistance. So, our goal is to take those elements of wool and create wearable garments that have been tested and approved by everyone from weekend warriors to that select group of professionals who make their living on the world’s mountains.  

How is your clothing different? 

We’ve developed eight proprietary textile platforms that allow us to build a range of apparel from super lightweight tech tees to the warmest jacket ever using natural fibers. You'll find that everything we make is a tough, breathable, moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, and comfortable garment that you can wear for days without laundering. 

We are also proud to be Colorado-based and American made. One of our main objectives is to keep production in the USA and provide jobs in small towns. We’d much rather a few folks in some mountain hideaway who understand the VOORMI® lifestyle produce our products than an obscure behemoth facility in a faraway land. This also allows us to operate with a very small carbon footprint and mitigate waste by ensuring that every functional piece of fabric is used.  

Where is the company based? 

Our headquarters is in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Nestled in the Southern San Juan Mountains and surrounded by two million acres of national forest, you’ll find us in the perfect playground to test our gear. Though we do sell through this website, we also have a retail store in downtown Pagosa that is open Monday thru Saturday to all comers. We hope you'll stop by and say hello! 

What is a Voormi? 

The word Voormi comes from an obscure corner of mythology based on prehistoric times of endless ice and winter. They were a legendary race of yeti-like beings from somewhere in or around what we now know as the Arctic Circle. These creatures survived comfortably in harsh, cold climates by adapting local resources and exploring the planet’s frozen places. 

VOORMI® is based on a similar philosophy - to create a new breed of technical clothing that harnesses the amazing properties of natural wool for backcountry travelers. 

In our pursuit to push the performance limits of natural fibers far beyond where they've ever gone before, we certainly hope you’ll join us as we journey beyond the sea of sameness.