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Phase.ScTM: True Performance...With built-in natural concealment:

Compared to decades-old surface printing techniques, Phase-Sc™ Technology represents a completely new yarn-level approach to the creation of disruptive camouflaging patterns. Through the latest advances in precision knitting, naturally light absorbing wool fibers are surgically placed in three-dimensional knit patterns to create complex light-absorbing surfaces. The result: Superior low-light performance with all of the thermal and scent managing benefits of wool.

Light Absorbing 3-D knitted pattern
Light Reflecting 2-D surface print


Precision Blended Wool Features & Benefits

Low-Light Performance

Compared to traditional surface printed camo on flat/shiny synthetic fabrics, our wool-based solution is colored down to the yarn level to maximize the unique non-fluorescing performance of our favorite natural fiber.  This eliminates the ‘synthetic glow’ common to hunting in sunrise/ sunset conditions with traditional synthetic camo

Thermal Regulation

Wool has been the sportsman's ‘go-to’ fabric for centuries due to its natural thermal and moisture regulating performance.  The 'centuries-evolved' combination of a sweat absorbing core and water managing sheath is unmatched in the world of synthetic fibers

Low odor

Wool’s natural ability to resist the growth of bacteria along with it’s unmatched moisture managing properties means less accumulation of odor over time

Soft & Quiet

Due to the unique springy nature of the fiber itself, wool excels in reducing both the ‘swish’ and ‘crumple’ noises common to fibers built from a plastic foundation

The Return to Real

Founded in 1984, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) is THE premier organization in the country when it comes to the ongoing conservation our local Elk habitats. Their work, in combination with the direct service of dedicated local volunteers provides REAL and measurable impact on the epic landscapes that surround us every day. At VOORMI, we believe this ‘get your hands dirty’ approach to making a difference aligns perfectly with our mission to restore what it means to be REAL in everything we do. From local-for-local sourcing to the transformation of rural economies, we’re on a mission to rethink the impact business can have to the communities we serve.

This Fall, we’re embarking on a unique collaborative project with RMEF. Not only will we be building a unique collection of products specifically engineered to serve the avid sportsman, we’ll be giving back in the process. For each and every product sold in this limited edition collection, a portion of revenue generated will go straight back to RMEF for the furtherance of our collective cause to conserve the surreal landscapes and ecosystems that are so central to life here in the Mountains.




Just in time for fall, the second in our series of 'outfitter worthy' thermals. Built from the same high performance SURFACE HARDENED™ Thermal Wool as our Access Midlayer, but engineered all the way down to the fiber level to blend seamlessly in to the backcountry. This spatially constructed, phase-dyed wool alternative to shiny surface printed synthetics transitions naturally with the ambient light conditions, and is the perfect do-it-all thermal for the rugged challenges of blowdown timber navigation.

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Featuring our revolutionary PHASE.HVis™ Technology, The over-garment high-visibility Access Vest in blaze orange offers multi-seasonal thermal performance for all of your backcountry pursuits. Sporting an outer matrix of high-visibility performance fibers interlaced with fine micron merino wool, PHASE-HVis™ Technology brings a completely new dimension of performance to the world of of traditionally light absorbing natural fibers. Finally, all of the anti-microbial and thermal regulating benefits of wool in a true high-vis package. Relaxed Fit.

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Leveraging VOORMI’s award-winning, genre-shifting CORE CONSTRUCTION™ Technology, the Blur Jacket will not only blur the boundaries between hard and soft shells, but will keep you quietly concealed as you move through the backcountry.

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