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Authenticity with Humility


There’s arguably nothing more humbling than nature.  From the immeasurable power held in every cubic foot of snowpack, to the swell of Spring runoff, to the way in which time seemingly stops for an epic morning hatch, it’s the chase of truly authentic outdoor experience that keeps us coming back time and time again. And when hunting season rolls around, its in that same humble spirit that we hit the backcountry in search of the year’s harvest. 

In VOORMI’s hunting line, you’ll find thoughtfully designed products anchored in deep technical performance. More importantly, you’ll find an ‘ethos over ego’ approach, where improving one’s ability to get ever closer to nature takes
absolute precedence over the ‘personal trophies’ that other brands seem to be so focused on.

Authenticity with Humility


At the heart of it all, you’ll find our one-of-a-kind Phase-Sc™Technology.  Compared to traditional surface-printed camouflage on flat/shiny synthetic fabrics, our wool-based solution is colored down to the yarn level to maximize the unique non-fluorescing performance of our wool fabric. This eliminates the “synthetic glow” on garments common as seen in sunrise/sunset conditions with traditional synthetic camouflage allowing the ultimate “get close to nature” experience.


PHASE SC ™ wool textiles absorb light vs. reflects light, resulting in blending into your surroundings at all hours of a long day in the field.


PHASE SC ™ is built by nature for nature vs. the crumple noises of fibers built from plastic, meaning, it’s extremely quiet to wear in the woods.


Built from a foundation of wool fibers, PHASE SC ™ has benefits from extremely low odor retention, allowing it to be worn for multiple days without stinking.


Access NXT Pullover

Lightweight and breathable. The Access NXT Pullover is made using our SURFACE HARDENED™ Technology, built with 4-way stretch woven wool, and finished with our durable water repellent finish (DWR), meaning you'll stay warm, dry, and comfortable.



Treeline Hoodie

Comfortable and functional, the Treeline Hoodie features our critically acclaimed SURFACE HARDENED™ Wool for water-shedding, stain-resistant performance, as well as a full-cover three-panel hood for ultimate protection in the widest range of conditions.



High-E Hoodie

Versatile and tough. Built with our proprietary SURFACE HARDENED™ Thermal Wool Technology, wear it as a warm, moisture-wicking midlayer or as a super tough, abrasion-resistant outer layer. The combination of a dialed thermal performance with a reinforced, durable water repellent (DWR) finish makes it a must-have no matter your outdoor pursuit. No Merino wool hoodie is as unique and versatile as the High-E Hoodie.