Choosing where to build your products is probably one of the biggest decisions a clothing company like ours has to make. From the beginning, it was our choice to do it here in the USA. Here’s why:


Absolute Control.

97% of all clothing consumed in this country comes from somewhere else. For the teams involved in managing those products, that means a 3-4 long haul flights every year to ‘check in’ on production. That’s not good enough for us. Close to home means we’re connected at every step of the process.


Local Impact: From Mill Town to Mountain Town

Not only do we work with some of the most amazing manufacturing partners in the country, we’ve made the commitment to invest in our own cut/sew locations. From Mill town to Mountain town, that means the person sitting next to you at the bar may have had a hand in making the clothing on your back. 

Visit our cut & sew locations


Less miles traveled.

If our garments had airline status, they’d be in the back of the plane. That’s good news from a carbon footprint perspective, given that the fashion industry, known for shipping products all around the world, is responsible for over 10 % of annual global carbon emissions. Simply put, closer to home means less emissions from the clothing you wear.