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When looking for a pair of outdoor socks, durability, weight, and comfort are critical. That’s why we’ve engineered our men’s and women’s merino wool socks to perform exceptionally in all three categories. When exploring beyond the boundary, the quality of your sock can make or break an adventure. Merino wool socks will keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable on any adventure you set out on.

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Why are our socks made from merino wool?

Venturing the backwoods calls for terrain of all sorts, which makes your choice of sock all the more critical. Here’s what makes merino wool socks so great for outdoor junkies.

Merino wool socks can be worn year-round.

For those with sweaty feet, merino wool not only soaks up more moisture than cotton, but it acts as an insulator to keep your feet dry.

This is essential for winter wear.

With sweat comes stench, yet anti-bacterial properties within merino wool will combat that so you can feel fresh, even after a long trek.

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