VOORMI® Unveils The Next-Generation Of CORE CONSTRUCTION® Technology

Pagosa Springs, Co. (May 27th, 2022)VOORMI®, manufacturer of the world’s most innovative technical apparel, has just announced the next horizon in the future of CORE CONSTRUCTION® Technology. Following a multi-year investment in advanced machinery, the company’s affiliate technology provider (SWNR Technologies) is now offering its first glimpse into the future of textiles with advanced functional cores.
“When we launched the first generation of CORE CONSTRUCTION® Technology, there was so much excitement and speculation about where the technology could go,” said Timm Smith, CTO at VOORMI. “From Outside Magazine’s vision for membranes in everything we wear, to Wired magazine deeming it the biggest advancement in Outerwear in the last 40 years, the opportunities out there felt boundless. What followed was a multi-year development project aimed at realizing the full potential of core-knitted textiles.”
According to Smith, while the first generation of CORE CONSTRUCTION® products were designed to bring superior performance and weather protection to fleece and other thermal layers, the long-term vision has always been to enable the insertion of even more complex functional substrates into the broader knitwear market, as well as the explore the vast world of opportunities beyond apparel.
“From the beginning, fine-gauge knits, technical yarns, and the insertion of advanced substrates have all been key areas of focus for us,” said Smith. “As is the case with most new ‘methods of make’ – it ultimately came down to equipment limitations. This Gen2 machinery truly opens up the world for us in terms of capability. With brand new patterning and multi-core insertion capabilities, there’s no reason why every yard of knitted fabric in the world shouldn’t contain a multi-functional core.”
In addition to a host of new products to be released over the coming year under the VOORMI brand, the company has kicked off a number of pilot projects in non-apparel sectors, providing enhanced functionality in industries ranging from automotive applications to e-textiles.
“Given that textiles and apparel surround us in every aspect of our lives, it’s our belief that that they should provide functionality to meet tomorrow’s expectations” says Dan English, CEO at VOORMI.  “This machinery, and the multi-million dollar investment we’ve made around it, finally provides the tools to enable truly new levels of performance in fabric. We’re so excited for where this goes next.”
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Located in Southwest CO and Bozeman MT, VOORMI is on a mission to build the next generation of outdoor clothing.  Clothing for a world where technology and textiles converge in the ultimate expression of simplicity and sophistication.  VOORMI’s products are designed to elevate the full human powered experience, wherever in the world that road may lead. 
About SWNR Technologies
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SWNR Technologies is an advanced textile development company founded to drive the evolution of textiles into highly functional materials that enrich the experiences of people and the world around them.
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