The holidays. 

A perfect time to revel in new snow, new gear, good company, and way too much food. For those who weren't glued to the weather report, Wolf Creek Pass ended up getting about 100" of fresh during the last two weeks of December, leaving everyone feeling the Christmas spirit with the gift of fresh pow.

In between the hard work of testing and refining the new product collection for Fall 2013, everyone around here has been putting in their fair share helping to ramp up for the official VOORMI launch and party. It's been a bit crazy, but we're all focused on the goal and no one seems to mind working hard. I guess it helps when you're surrounded by endless acres of wilderness, receive the most snow in Colorado, and take generous advantage of our powder day clause…

We couldn't be happier as we get set to reveal our brand to the outside world.

Like any epic adventure, the road has been completely exhilarating and slightly terrifying all at the same time. We're ecstatic the time has come share what we've been up to with the rest of the world!

Starting from the ground up (or the inside out), it only makes sense for us to kick things off with base and mid layers for Fall 2013.

Check out our new fabric technologies designed to supercharge the thermal and wicking properties of our fine-micron, domestically sourced wool, and stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks on the collection itself.

Meantime we invite our friends to join us at VOORMI HQ, situated just a few miles east of downtown Pagosa Springs and at the base of Wolf Creek Pass.

We'll celebrate with live music, deep powder, good food and libations, and welcome VOORMI into this small world of backcountry enthusiasts.

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