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VOORMI's River Run Hoodie featured in the Columbian

Reviewed by Jeff Banowetz for The Columbian

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Spring can be a complicated time to dress for the outdoors. The weather is finally nice enough for hiking, biking, fishing or climbing, but the temperature can vary enough to cause problems. A fleece is often too heavy, but you want something to cover your arms. You want a lightweight, long-sleeved option that can keep you warm when necessary but won’t hold too much heat once you start moving. What you need is the River Run Hoodie from Voormi. The company — based in Pagosa Springs, Colo. — specializes in lightweight outdoor apparel made with wool blends. This hoodie features its Dual Surface UL fabric (52 percent wool, 48 percent polyester) that offers excellent moisture wicking and sun protection. It’s quick-drying and incredibly light — and made in the U.S. Even if you’ve worn high-performance wool apparel before, you’re likely to be surprised by its minimalist feel and soft touch. The hood is nice to have for both warmth and sun protection when necessary, and the relaxed fit makes the top comfortable for just about any outdoor activity. And for those out on the trail for days — it doesn’t retain odor like some performance apparel. It’s a piece you can wear anywhere in a wide variety of conditions, something that’s always good to have handy.