Wes Siler  reviews Voormi tech hold its own from ourside

Can the Lightest Merino Shirt Ever Stand Up to Real-World Abuse?

Merino provides excellent next-to-skin comfort in both hot and cold conditions by regulating body heat. It's soft, like cotton or synthetic fabrics, but unlike cotton it doesn't soak up water, and unlike synthetics, it doesn't get stinky.

But that doesn't mean it can't be improved. For a while now, purveyors of merino performance clothing have been trying to boost its hot weather appeal by making it as lightweight as possible.

And, to boost its durability and wicking ability, people have blended in synthetic fibers, too.

Voormi claims to have not only brought to market a substantially lighter weight merino fabric, but by blending in a "razor thin" layer of synthetic fibers next to the skin, it's the most highly wicking as well.

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