Reviewed by Skylar Kraatz for Ski Magazine

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The secret to dressing for the backcountry is all about packing layers, especially during a class when you’ll be stopping and going in the field all day. For starters, you’ll want sweat-wicking base layers, an insulated midlayer, and a weatherproof outer shell layer. Avoid cotton, which absorbs moisture and is poor at regulating body temperature. Instead, stick to synthetic or wool, which are both quick-drying and light. 

Start each day with fewer layers for the hike up, which when you’ll be moving and sweating more. Have your outer shel1l at the top of your pack for easy access when transitioning to ski mode.

What I Packed: VOORMI River Run Hoodie 

Made from precision blended merino wool, this lightweight base layer from VOORMI helped regulate my temperature throughout the class, keeping me both cool and insulated through multiple weather changes.

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