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Phase.Hvis wool listed as one of Popular Science's Top 11 Innovations in Recreation this year

By Berne Broudy and Rob Verger  reviews Phase.Hvis wool listed

Making sneakers out of leather is wasteful: About one-third of a cow's hide can end up in the trash. To stretch this resource, Nike pulps the waste and reconstitutes it on a gauzy fabric substrate; the resulting recycled material is lighter and more abrasion-resistant. Plus, the company can add structural layers to engineer shoes in a way not possible with first-pass hide—and the carbon footprint is 80 percent lower.

Merino wool is a great athletic fiber: It keeps you comfortable in warm or cold weather. But textile engineers sweat while trying to get the cloth to hold a bright, saturated hue instead of a dull, sheepish one. To make this wool hoodie fluorescent, Voormi worked to chemically devise a custom dye formulation that jibed with the material, and also precisely wove in polyester fibers to add even more eye-catching neon pop. $229.