Joe Jackson reviews VOORMI The 8 Most Important Pieces of Gear from 2016

From a totally reinvented ski boot to a wetsuit that's good for the environment, this is the stuff we're most excited about

I've tested hundreds of products over the past 11 months, many of which were really, really good. But only a handful stood out as the year's best, either because they totally rethought a category or because their design made them significantly better than the competition. What follows are eight products that I think defined innovation in 2016.

Voormi FallLine Jacket

Instead of sandwiching a waterproof membrane between two sheets of synthetic material, like most high-end three-layer winter shells, the FallLine features Voormi's Core Construction technology, which weaves wool through the waterproof membrane. The result? You get an outer layer that shrugs off snow but also breathes exceptionally well thanks to the wool, making it ideal for high-output winter activities. The wool is also softer than most synthetic materials, which helps the FallLine feel more like a sweater and less like a jacket.

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