Shane Roberts Of Inventory review Voormi boundaries of Marino

This year I skied Jackson Hole and hiked Moab in Voormi merino, and I'm ready for more.

The merino sock space is flooded, a fact confirmed for us at Outdoor Retailer this year, and the synonymous-with-moisture-wicking wool is spreading to every possible article of clothing. 

More exciting than being able to build entire outfits out of merino (that post is coming) however, is what companies like Voormi are doing with merino hybrid garments.

In Voormi's Inversion Jacket and Full Length Thermal II Bottoms...

It's one thing to stay warm, and easy to be sweat-soaked while skiing. My moisture was fully wicked while on the slopes wearing the above Voormi gear, an Unbound merino tee (coverage coming soon), and ski pants, and I overheat very easily.

Standing still to take photos for extended periods of time at 10,000 feet is a different story, but that same load out kept temperatures regulated out in the elements and inside in the crowded, toasty, must-do waffle hut.

... extremely breathable, sweater-like, weather-shedding [via an integrated membrane] CORE CONSTRUCTION fabric in the body and our critically acclaimed, extremely durable waterproof SURFACE HARDENED Woven Wool in the weather-facing horizontal surfaces... - Voormi
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