By Joshua Berman, Contributor reviews VOORMI Eleven 9 Hoodie

For more tops, I'm a big fan of the natural-fiber Merino wool revolution which seems to be going on. VOORMI is a Pagosa Springs, Colorado-based wool apparel company which makes weather-adaptable jackets, shirts, and long johns. Their gear is designed for backcountry hiking and hunting trips, which they test out in the San Juan Mountains. They use wool sourced in the Rocky Mountains, but also strategically weave in technical materials like moisture-wicking fibers on the inside and abrasion-resistant fibers on outer surfaces. I liked their Eleven.9 hoodie ($149); it kept me warm in the morning, then continued to breathe as the sun heated things up. It was water repellant in light drizzles while setting up camp, which was nice too.

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