Martin Vilaboy reviews Voormi F13 Collection Built on 100%

VOORMI announced the exclusive use of 100-percent, domestically sourced Rocky Mountain Highcountry Merino in the brand’s F all 2013 line of Precision Blended baselayers and midlayers. Exhibiting a higher degree of crimp compared to wool grown in other regions of the world, Rocky Mountain Highcountry Merino is generally stronger, more resilient, and allows for better thermal regulation than wool grown in mild maritime climates, according to VOORMI and experts at the American Sheep Industry (ASI).

“The inherent benefit of wool sourced from the unique high elevation climate of the Rocky Mountain region is something that we’ve been keeping a keen eye on for some time now,” notes Timm Smith, Director of Brand Marketing for VOORMI. “After overwhelming feedback on the durability of our first prototypes, and a long held belief among the team that wool sourced FROM our unique climate is the best suited option for use IN our unique climate, we thought it was worth doing some more digging. That’s where the ASI came in.

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