Backcounrty Skiing Canada  review Voormi High-E Hoody

It's not too often I get to write a review about a piece of gear that's been integral to my curling activities. However, that's exactly how I've been using the Voormi High-E Hoodie for the past few months: every friday evening I pull it over a T-shirt, step out onto the ice and yell "Hurry Hard" to my companions. And not only does it keep me warm the entire time (no jacket required) but I also look stylish – or at least as stylish as any curler can look. How does the sweater fare when skiing though? Read on to find out. Colorado-based Voormi was started in 2010 by Dan English, a former Microsoft employee, who wanted to use technology to improve natural fibres such as wool. His idea was to make merino wool products that were more burly than the comfortable-yet-easy-to-rip clothing already on the market and to to ensure he sourced, designed and manufactured everything in the United States. Today, Voormi offers toques, T-shirts, baselayers, jackets and, of course, hoodies such as the High-E.

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