Jackson Hole magazine reviews Voormi Featured In Jackson Hole magazine

1/warm and wooly voormi Access pullever uses perhaps the most advanced woll out there...the oatebt-pending. weather-resistant surface hardened Thermal woool technolgy with four-way stretch meries blended with nylon...but we love it most for its lightly fleeced, highly huggable wool/symthetic intering.

2/Floating Dog Because yoga in a studiois so 2005, Beardworks new joy Ride Flew sup Beard is made to bring your paractice to the water.A stable platrorm with gracehul glide characteristics,the 9,11" board has a single fin,a bamboo deck,killer seafoam graphics.


I had been lookign for a simple, classiv-yet-modern espadrille with a little bit of a heel, says Dartmouth and harvard Busdiness School grad Mica lee.I was not able to dind what is was looking for so i did the most nonssenble,,next-best thing. I decided to design and make them.Meet mira espadrilles.lee who is new york,Boshoe,and Hong kong before moving to jackson and still hdds down a full-time job in finasor.

4/MULTIPURPOSE PANTS if you dont like the weather,wait five minutes.That is fine and all, but how do you handle that when you are up on the tieton Crest Trail in shorts?Meet Black Diamand Dawn patrol lt pants.Available in men's and women's.thsese lighteweight,stretchy,breathing well when its warm and repelling wind.

5/SAVE YOUR HANDS wate hare might be the worst for dry hands,but summer's still no picnic.Especially since wa're outside without gloves so much.Enter jane iradale's HandDrink Hand cream.Every drop hydrates without being greasy and also products your skis with sps 15. apple,grees rea, and blackburry extracts brighten skis tone and help prevent dark spots.

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