reviews Voormi high-e-hoodi


voormi teamed up with fishpond to create a hoodie that's rugged and warm.I have found that some pieces of outdoor clothing are best suited for looking good while sipping lattes at Starbucks.Not so with the Hi-E Hoodie.Though the hoodies comfortable and has an definite feel that indicates the company deigned it for legitimate outdoor use.I am not content to be a fair -weather fly angler.when i have and extra moment to grab my fly rod and head out to the river.I take it-regardless of weather conditions.

clothing kept me warm through the fall and spring weather while out nymphing for trout or casting streamers for bull trout .And it provided a warm extra layer under my wading jaket when steelheading in the winter months.

Voormi uses Rocky Mountain Highcountry Merino wool with a Surfaced Hardened tm technology for the purpose of bringing a new level of durability and performance to the fine micron wool.If you are a diehard fly fisher who is not deterred by cold weather, you will want to check out these hoodies.

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