The Editors  reviews Voormi alpine terra base layer

Voormi Alpine Terra Base Layer with Phase-Sc Textile Technology

Chances are when you think of camouflage, you picture an array of dark green and brown blobs nestled together like so many tiny oil slicks. But Colorado-based Voormi has created a very different kind of concealment fabric using its new Phase-Sc technology.

Not only does the Alpine Terra base layer look different, with its thin lines of blue, gold, and brown, but it's also built in a totally new way. Instead of using a surface-applied print, Voormi stitches in color at the individual yarn level, meaning it can weave a bunch of different colors through each other in a single piece of fabric. The result: a supple, quiet base layer that blends into the forest and would be ideal for hunters and guides.

Since the Pagosa Springs, Colorado–based company started in 2010, it has established itself as a spunky innovator in the outdoor space. It launched burly wool outerwear and a new technology called Core Construction that lets the company weave a waterproof membrane through a fabric to create a water-resistant, super-breathable, single-layer jacket.

We're excited to see what the brand brings to the table next fall. The Alpine Terra base layer is available now. Voormi will release a Core Construction jacket with Phase-Sc technology, called the Blur, this spring.

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