Michael Frank  reviews Voormi Fall Line Jacket

Voormi Fall Line Jacket

The Voormi Fall Line has gotten so much buzz for removing the divide between outerwear and base layer, because it isn't either. Voormi's Core Construction process binds the membrane material (what you tend to think of as the magic in something like Gore-Tex or other water-resistant breathables) directly to any thread, knit, or woven. In the case of the Fall Line, that material is wool, and the jacket has the easy movement of a fisherman's sweater, while still keeping you dry and warm in windy conditions. Voormi says it's very close to providing full-on wet-proofing, with that trade-off of excellent breathability, especially against anything on the market that's totally wind- and water-resistant. The other thing to know is that Voormi makes its product in Colorado, which is why it's showing this as a "fall" product and is making it available now. 



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