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A rising star in the apparel market Voormi is creating small batch, locally crafted, wool outwear that is destined to become your go to piece season after season. This company is helping breath life into one of our Colorado mountain town communities, Pagosa Springs and is a true family owned and operated business. After retiring from a position with Microsoft, Dan English, Voormi's CEO, began looking for a small authentic mountain town to live simply and reconnect with the environment. Pagosa Springs was where he found a place to reconnect along with his family and soon grow a company that embraces the phrase 'Made in America with Pride'.

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It is here that Dan English, his son Dustin and daughter Megan operate Voormi alongside a small group of people they are proud to include in what they call the Voormi Family. Dustin had put many years in as a Backcountry guide and was looking to create a versatile product that could be used year round. Working with locally raised Rocky Mountain high country Merino Sheep ranchers, Voormi began creating technical fabrics that supercharge the thermal and wicking properties of the local sheep's wool.

Today the company is in its fifth year as an independent star in the growing world of hyper local, US companies. They continue to use wool sourced from Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region to utilize in Voormi products. Their mission is for you to own a piece of high end gear that will perform for years and outlast the typical nationally known name brand. This past month National Geographic Adventure awarded 'Gear of the Year" to Voormi for our groundbreaking CORE CONSTRUCTION™ Technology. In addition they have racked up a series of awards from SIA and Outside as well.

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Testing and experimenting is a constant with the Southwest San Juan's sitting at the base of their headquarters. A product can be made and then literally walked out the front door for a day of testing in the snow, at the top of a mountain or along the river in all four seasons. This is true mountain wear for true mountain living and will live at the top of the pile in your closet and drawers. I personally believe you will be able to hand this product down to your grand kids when they get old enough!

Voormi has also reached out to other local product companies. A collaboration between Fishpond USA and Voormi is allowing the two Colorado companies to pair their products. This synergy is creating the ultimate setup for high altitude and arctic anglers looking for a comfortable day out fishing in cold climates.

Tis' the season and the snow is falling. Looking for a solid dependable layer to add to your gear cache? Head to to view their entire collection. This company os working hard to make the right gear for you!

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Featured Image: High Alpine Merino, Courtesy of Voormi

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