VOORMI isn't just about performance apparel built for adventure; it's about a community that thrives on adventure and embracing the road less traveled. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or just starting to explore the world around you, VOORMI offers a variety of ways to stay connected, informed, and inspired. So, lace up your boots, grab your VOORMI gear, and let's dive in! 


  1. The VOORMI Website

The VOORMI website is your one-stop shop for everything VOORMI. Explore all our products and collections of apparel for men and women, featuring innovative materials and technical features specifically designed for peak performance in various conditions. You'll also find detailed product information, size guides, and care instructions to ensure you get the most out of your VOORMI gear. 


  1. Field Notes: Stories from the field

For those who crave in-depth stories, practical advice, and a peek behind the VOORMI brand, head to the Field Notes section of the website. This treasure trove of content features: 

  • News from the Leaders: We’re opening the curtains wide to show you how our leadership thinks. Stay tuned for a monthly blog from leadership.  
  • Product News: Stay up-to-date on the latest VOORMI releases, learning about the exciting new technologies and features incorporated into our apparel. 
  • Behind the Seams: Gear up for your next adventure with helpful tutorials on everything from caring for your merino wool garments to choosing the perfect backpack. 
  • Brand Stories: Dive deeper into the VOORMI ethos. Learn about our commitment to sustainable practices, ethical sourcing, and our passion for creating gear that is durable and comfortable. 


  1. Social Media: Stay Connected on All the “Socials”. 

VOORMI is active across various social media platforms, allowing you to connect with the brand and fellow adventurers in real-time. Follow them on: 

  • Instagram and Facebook: Get a glimpse into the VOORMI lifestyle through stunning photos and videos showcasing breathtaking landscapes, epic adventures, and athletes putting VOORMI gear to the test. 
  • YouTube: Find instructional videos and inspiring stories that will fuel your wanderlust and motivate you to get outside. 
  • Pinterest: Save what you're looking at and share it with your family and friends!
  • TikTok: We’re still building our presence on this channel but we’re there!  


  1. VOORMI E-Newsletter & SMS: Be the First to Know

Want to be among the first to hear about exciting new product launches, upcoming sales, and exclusive VOORMI events? Sign up for the VOORMI E-Newsletter and SMS. This email newsletter delivers the latest VOORMI news straight to your inbox, ensuring you don't miss a beat. We only send SMS when we have something important to say, we are not in the business of blasting a text message every week!  


  1. Retail Stores: A Hands-On Experience

While browsing online is convenient, there's something special about experiencing VOORMI gear firsthand. Visit one of our physical retail stores in Pagosa Springs, CO, or Bozeman, MT. Here, you can try on clothing, feel the quality of the fabrics, and get personalized recommendations from knowledgeable staff. We also love to hear your stories! 


  1. Beyond the Platforms: Building the Community

Staying connected with VOORMI goes beyond simply following their social media feeds. Here are some ways to truly become part of the VOORMI community: 

  • Share Your Adventures: Use the hashtag #VOORMI #TheFutureOfClothing on social media to share photos and stories of your adventures while sporting your VOORMI gear. You might get featured on our channels and inspire others! 
  • Leave Reviews: Help fellow adventurers make informed decisions by leaving honest reviews on the VOORMI website or on retailer platforms. 
  • Engage in the Conversation: Participate in discussions on social media or leave comments on blog posts. Share your experiences, ask questions, and connect with other VOORMI enthusiasts. 


Remember, VOORMI isn't just about clothing; it's about a shared passion for adventure, exploration, and pushing your own boundaries. So, get out there, explore the world, and let VOORMI be your trusted companion on every journey. 

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