CAMP:  Grand Canyon
ELEVATION:  6,804 Feet
TEMPERATURE:  Low 42˚F, High 70˚F


My partner Mira and I have been on the road for about a week now and are settled comfortably at camp in Grand Canyon Village after a Rim to River to Rim run in the third Natural Wonder of the World. Exhausted from the 17-mile run that drained us both, the dinner and accompanying cocktails, are welcome. It was a hot one, and coming from two Montana residents who recently weathered a particularly harsh winter, it’s safe to say that we were not acclimated to the 85 degrees that greeted us in the lower canyon.   

Mira has a tendency to settle comfortably into the nearest chair when it comes time to cook dinner. Our 11-year-old cattle dog Sierra, follows suit, lounging under the fold-out loveseat perched in the shade. I take up post at the camp kitchen where we’ve settled for the last two nights and fire up the frying pan with potatoes and deer steaks that have traveled with us from back home in Montana where we started 750 miles ago.   

The camp kitchen was my idea—made of plywood sheets, 6-foot long drawer sliders and a few other fancy hinges, the drawer slides from the bed of the truck, and folds out into a stove and sink complete with a pumped water system, and storage for supplies and dry goods. All assembled the week before we left, it has well beyond paid off so far making meals and clean up easy. By night one, Sierra learned where food is most likely to drop, distracting her from the 10 elk who have wandered by our site for an evening stroll.

VOORMI High-E Hoodie

Camp dinner on the pull out kitchen. What’s on the menu? Deer steaks, potatoes and margaritas to finish off a day of desert running.

It’s much cooler now than it was in the canyon during that hike and we’re savoring the quickly cooling 70-degrees and now cozied up in my High-E Hoodie. The swings of temperature in the desert have challenged our wardrobe, but Voormi’s versatile textiles are up for the challenge, keeping us cool in the canyon and warm as the sun sets on another day.



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