Something is happening here in Colorado. Whether you call it a trend, a movement, or simply a way of being, it’s clear that this place we call home has become a mecca for outdoor living, a commitment to craft, and the spirit of collaboration. All over the state, small companies are thriving, driving, and coming together to make things happen.

At VOORMI®, we focus each and every day on making rugged backcountry inspired clothing worthy of the places we take it… And when it comes to pioneering new spaces outside of our own craft, we believe in a different approach: One where instead of trying to be something we’re not, we’re on a constant search for the kinds of partnerships and collaborative opportunities that give us access to the experts that are.

As we transition in to the next chapter of our story, we’re making a commitment. One not only of collaboration in principle, but more importantly of collaboration in practice. This fall, we’re kicking off our first VOORMI CO-LAB™ project in the world of fly-fishing. Rounding the corner in to next year, we’ve put the wheels in motion on a world-class 21st century rapid prototyping center to be located right here in Pagosa Springs. A bold venture, but one we believe will set the stage for some amazing things to come.