THE ASSOCIATED PRESS reviews Voormi Featured

DENVER—A backcountry winter sports apparel company co-founded by a former Microsoft Corp. employee in tiny Pagosa Springs in southwest Colorado is getting ready to sell its first products.  

CEO Dan English said his company, Voormi, started in 2010 with an idea to use technology to improve natural fibers like wool. Almost three years later, Voormi will sell base layers made of wool blended with synthetic fibers, so that the inside can wick moisture from the skin to keep the wearer warmer, and the outside is durable enough for rugged outdoor trips.

The wool is sourced largely domestically, and Voormi’s products, for now, are made at three U.S. factories on the East and West coasts, English said. The company has about 10 employees.

The base layers will start at around $100, which is pricier than what many competitors offer. Online sales are set to begin within weeks.

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