AMY HATCH reviews Voormi High Elevation

The Microbrew of Outdoor Apparel, Colorado Startup Voormi Uses High-Elevation Wool

"It's like a yeti," said Dustin English, co-owner of Voormi, when I asked him what voormi stands for. More so, "it's a group of creatures that are able to endure the elements and use their natural environment to protect themselves," he explained.

In this case, the element that Voormi utilizes is wool. Based in southwest Colorado, Voormi is technical textile company that specializes in wool designs and small-batch production.

Founded in Pagosa Springs, Dustin and his father Dan, launched the family-owned company in 2010. For the 2014-2015 season, they'll be introducing a full product line and one of the first-ever waterproof breathable wool outerwear designs in the market.

"We want to build high-performance garments from natural resources such as wool, and build them to last for years," Dustin said. "And, we want to push the boundaries of wool from sock and underwear outward and into new stages."

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