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“Simplicity is the Ultimate in Sophistication” -Leonardo da Vinci

Coming Throughout 2015

Here in the Southern San Juans, we get the idea that the only thing we can rely on is change. Nestled at the base of one of Colorado’s most renowned storm funnels, unpredictable weather is not only a part of everyday life, but something that drives every decision we make when it comes to packing and using gear.

When we first sat down to decide what we wanted VOORMI® to be all about, we already had just about every piece of gear you could imagine in the quiver. All good stuff… but way too much of it. What we wanted to do was change that reality…to build just a few KEY pieces that we’d wake up and put on EVERY day. A simplified and streamlined system, built off a foundation of fine micron wool, that would take us across the 30+ degree daily temperature changes, bluebird days, and epic dumps we’re known for here in Southwest Colorado.

After 4+ years of R&D, we’re absolutely proud of the progress we’ve made towards this vision. Our latest innovation, CORE CONSTRUCTION™ Technology, we believe is one more giant leap towards that end. Constructed as the first single layer fabric with an integrated weather protective membrane, CORE CONSTRUCTION™ changes the game on what we wake up and put on every day. Delivering the comfort of a fleece, with protection as good as (if not better than) our favorite Soft Shells – these are truly the “go-to” pieces for just about any day here in the Southern Colorado Highcountry.