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  • There was a time when there were places you could go to get away.

    Places where the faint semblance of a tracked line meant you had finally made it back, not that you had gotten there too late.

    There was a time when people made things.

    A time when production wasn’t just the concept of a factory in the concept of a place you’ve never been, but rather something happening in a real place, where real people that you actually knew put their hands on things. A time when outdoor clothing and gear was built by a core community of people trying to find a way to spend more time outside - not by consultants in a conference room debating whether blue really would be the new blue this year.

    We want that time back

    That’s why we set up shop in Pagosa Springs, CO:  A place surrounded by over 1.8 Million acres of National Forest.  That’s why we’ve chosen to source all of our wool from the local high elevation growing regions of the Rocky Mountains.  And that’s why we’re so dedicated to driving a new era of small batch manufacturing right here at home in the United States.

    We’re working hard to take wool to a new place

    More importantly though, we’re working hard to stay focused on exactly what we want to be doing every day: Quite simply… making better gear for real people.

    Thanks for being a part of it…

    The team at VOORMI®
    Pagosa Springs, Colorado

  • We find it both amazing and inspiring that garment construction remains to this day, one of the last few forms of true human craftsmanship in the world.

    Everything about a piece of clothing, from the way a zipper feels in your hands, to the way a stitch rolls smoothly over your shoulder (or doesn’t), is inherently human. It’s incredibly easy to get it wrong, and takes painstaking work to get it right. That’s why we have so much trouble giving it up to a far away place, to be carried out alongside hundreds of thousands of other mass produced items every day.

    At VOORMI, we believe the only way to get it right is to make it, test it, and make it again. Building locally not only allows us to keep a pulse on production, it also means that we’re not constrained by classic annual design/production cycles. If something isn’t right, we fix it. We don’t wait until next year, knowing all along that what we’ve put out there isn’t everything it could be.

    To us, being local is about being connected. It’s about being nimble. And most of all it’s about being able to build with a true dedication to purpose.