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The Future of Clothing

Welcome to VOORMI, where we’re building the next generation of outdoor clothing.
Clothing for a world where technology and textiles converge in the ultimate expression of simplicity and sophistication.
In our world, we believe in building products designed to elevate the full human powered experience, wherever that road may lead.


We've come to expect more in every part of our lives.  Yet in what we wear every day, we’ve come to accept that it’s okay to fill our closets with so called single-purpose ‘specialty clothing’.  We believe in a more responsible approach.  We believe in building multi-functional clothing designed to endure, excite, and enable tomorrow’s expectations.


Whether it’s the need to keep cool at the peak of performance, or the need to preserve precious warmth miles from home, we believe that the static nature of today’s clothing is a failure when it comes to keeping pace.  From the built-in versatility of natural fibers, to the future of active-adaptive textiles, we’re on a mission to change the game in go-everywhere gear.


Somewhere in this impersonal digital age, we’ve lost the idea of treating people like humans.  From our mountain community-based retail locations to our customer service centers, we believe in creating places that allow us to connect and build trust like we used to.  And as we drive textiles to connect us in ways never imagined, it’s our promise to maintain that very same level of integrity and trust along the way.


We believe apparel of the future should provide dynamic and advanced function without stripping the earth. With ongoing advanced research in garment design, manufacturing, closed-loop recyclability, and biodegradability, we’re on a mission to do it right. After all, clothing of the future is only as relevant as the future that it’s built for.

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